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Quality and accuracy have been the hallmark of every AccuCurrent, Inc. job since inception. Owners Steven Fraser and Scott McHale have brought an unwavering commitment to building a team that is capable and committed to completing their work on time, within budget, and with excellence. It was this mutual respect for doing a job accurately and exceptionally that drew the two to partner on work in 2020 and in 2021 to merge their respective high and low current electrical companies to found the ultimate electrical integration organization: AccuCurrent, Inc.

With more that 45 years of electrical experience between then, Steve & Scott have seen all sides of the industry. They are routinely recognized as best practice leaders for everything from traditional high voltage to structured cabling, cameras, access control panels, security, cctv, and more. Our philosophy is that satisfied customers will come back, but amazed customers will spread the word far and wide. This belief and commitment to creating an experience unlike any other has been integral to the explosive growth AccuCurrent, Inc. has experienced. It is also the key that has launched us onto the national stage as the Go-To provider for all electrical integration.

Whether AccuCurrent, Inc. teams are involved with building, remodeling, updating, or repairing, we believe in setting candid expectations and then meeting or exceeding them. We are grateful to be the Go-To provider across the U.S. for major organizations for everything from retail to manufacturing to new construction and a variety of projects in between. Our commitment to accuracy, consistency and absolute honesty creates a quality of work that is unmatched and eliminates the need for constant oversight from project managers. Whether our clients are looking for us to come in and get a project back in-budget and on-time or to run the entire project from the get-go, it's our pleasure to provide electrical integration done right.


Steven Frazier & Scott McHale
Founders, AccuCurrent, Inc.

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