Benjamin Sanchez
Program Manager

  • They owned everything given to them
  • Did the job as asked
  • Had follow through and commitment
  • Great job delivering on the final projects
  • In our industry, issues arise, and they owned it all the way through
  • They are a valuable partner
  • Worked with them for 3 years

Kim Martin
Project Manager

  • Easy to work with
  • Techs are easy to talk to
  • Crews are professional and easy to work with
  • Responsive
  • Compared to competitors:
    • More availability
    • Larger crews
    • Willing to travel
    • Willing to go to multiple sites
    • Worked with 1.5 years

Rob Parkos
VP Security

  • They really take care of finding the right techs to get the job done right the first time
  • Quality work and they have great attention to detail
  • The high standard & accountability they holds their employees to
  • Very solution driven
  • Any issues that come up are dealt with quickly
  • They own everything
  • Nice and convenient that they are willing to work within the budget. They are always willing to do the things that are difficult when other are not willing to. The way they face challenges sets them apart from everyone else
  • Very nimble and are able to travel to all types of locations
  • I want nothing more than this company to succeed
  • Worked together for several years

Jim Bonovich
Folsom/Cordova Unified Scholl District

  • Great communicators
  • Honest
  • Very professional
  • Always meets timelines
  • Meets the demands of emergencies regardless of what time of day/week
  • Very accommodating
  • Workmanship is 1st class, they never cut corners
  • Amazing “Johnny on the spot”
  • It’s always done right the first time
  • Compared to competitors:
    • Smaller company that is nimble and can move quickly
    • Does not have all the bureaucracy that slows things down
    • 30% less expensive because of the smaller overhead

These are just a few quick testimonial profiles from our most satisfied customers. We can provide many more references upon request.

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